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Digital illustration simply put is just a painting . . . a digital painting that was made with a stylus, a tablet and Photoshop. It's a small story, scene, character or landscape that came from my imagination and is open to interpretation from your imagination. Let your mind explore! As I aim to post a new illustration frequently, please view and enjoy the story in each one. Please note that the images uploaded on this page are either low resolution or watermarked. I keep the high-res files for prints and clients.
As you tab through this website, you'll see most of my skills go back to 2011-2013. This is one of my new skills that I have passively progressed in since 2019. I follow a lot of the greatest fantasy and concept artist out there who are just making designs like I would like to be making. My goal is to develop style, consistency and quality in times to come. I can't say I'm a master of those things yet so, enjoy this journey with me. 



This is a topic that could require a novel to answer. I create a digital illustration through the application of a combination of art principles and fundamentals with tools like a Wacom, Photoshop and plugins. I start with line art and blocking in big pieces of information like mountains, characters, etc. By creating various maps in software, I'm able to add fine details like texture and color. I hope one day I'll be able to weave this skill more into my multimedia career by creating concept art and illustration for games and movies.