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Graphic design is key to business growth. Think about Apple. Their sleek yet minimalistic graphic design and marketing is highly effective. When you see the Apple logo, your mind doesn't even think about the fruit. You immediately associate their icon with the leading device manufacturer - Apple. Many people hold that logo in their hands every day which is why the design is critical. Good design yields ROI. 

I offer graphic solution for nearly any project, including: logos, icons, flyers, photo bashing and manipulation, concept design, ads and elements. 


I enjoy the creative process of finding the right solution for advertising services, selling products, branding and story-telling. The process includes the full preproduction spectrum of art and design from scripting to storyboarding and concept art. First to-do is braining-storming. That's where we figure out the best form of communication for you. Once a format is defined, concepting begins - exploring what that looks like for you and your next project.


In this example, I designed a logo for an art and performance theater that contacted me through Instagram. They specified the need for an Art Deco style logo and left the rest to me. I mocked up a few options but of the 6 designs initially made, none were chosen. They sent a few references for me so we could further define the design. After another 6 designs making a total of 12, I landed a design they loved that matched their vision.

Logo Concept Art
Logo Concept Art


In this stage, I deliver the final product to the client. For all of my clients, I deliver in multiple formats. I can prepare files for print and large format, web compression and display, alpha and exchange formats and more. 

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