Best Atlanta Wedding Videographer Photographer Photography Video

If you're getting engaged or getting married - you've come to the right place. My wedding films are one of a kind. With having completed over 200 weddings since 2013, I've perfected the process. Every couple has a unique love story and this once-in-a-lifetime video is the perfect way to capture and convey that. There are a few factors that convey your story through video. #1 is the love. Your love will show in every shot naturally. There's no need to exaggerate or pose your love, just having the trigger finger ready to record is key. #2 is the highlights - key moments of the day. I aim to capture these from a wide perspective and a close up perspective - cinematic. #3 is the story. This is told through audio which could be audio from the ceremony, reading of notes, interviews, or any other creative way. And finally #4, the emotion. My eye for wedding videos is in the emotions throughout the day - the tears, laughter, smiles, flirts, fun, love and the excitement. Seeing all of the moments will help you relive the memories and feelings you had on your wedding day for years to come. 



"I just watched our wedding video again, probably now for the 40th time. Maybe more. Each time I watch this I notice some other fine detail, catch a fun expression on someone's face, or a beautiful aspect of the backdrop. All brings a smile to my face, and perhaps a tear to my eyes. I very much enjoy the way you captured these details." - Jason & Amanda