As a multimedia producer, I tell stories, communicate, and achieve objectives through visual solutions - visuals such as art, video, photographs, web platforms, graphics and more. I am a cinematographer, photographer, motion graphic designer, licensed drone pilot, digital illustrator, content producer, problem solver, associate and project manager, organizer, and more. With over a decade of professional experience, I've become an expert at offering a lot of value-add in terms of cost-savings and technical creative solutions. How did I reach that point?

Post-college, I felt ill-equipped to join the workforce. So, I did what I knew best - I kept studying. I made myself a student of creating images, art principles and technological tools for whatever trade my career path would lead me down. I first knew my calling after saying-yes-and-diving-into-the-deep-end-like-I-always-do when I agreed to working on a film set for a syndicated commercial. After that production, my mind was set on working on sets and that set my motion forward. I gained a ton of experience, skills and knowledge working on commercials, films, documentaries and reality TV shows. I met people 
from all over the world and experienced new and challenging circumstances that pushed me to go above and beyond. My goals shifted the year after. I realized that freelancing, although rewarding, is a dependent position and fluctuates. So, I started my own business Coffee & Camera. After years of owning and operating a successful award-winning business, my goals changed again. I realized that I lost my work-life balance yet again due to the nature of entrepreneurship. So, now I'm in a salary position. However, I remain successful and vigilant thanks to an ever-growing book of business that I developed while operating my business and freelancing leisurely. This enables me to continue honing my skills and do what I do best for all of my clients and projects. 



I currently live in Atlanta Georgia just two hours from my home town in the Upstate of South Carolina. This is where I service my biggest client at a salary level, do passion projects and service local businesses and individuals.

My of my freelance work through the company I started comes from Atlanta and the Upstate. However, I find myself traveling often to most of the large cities in the Southeast. I offer free travel for anywhere within a 2 hour radius of Atlanta or the Upstate of South Carolina and add a mileage fee for anywhere outside of this region.

After looking at my portfolio, it may come as no surprise that I travel domestically and internationally often. Most of my international travel has come with filming and photographing tropical resorts but I have done destination weddings and more. I'm willing to travel anywhere in the world to capture stunning images and tell cool stories!
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