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Storytelling has played a crucial component of human history. Stories motivate, inspire, and spark something very unexplainable in people. Everyone loves a good story. Film production experience was a key part of my career and continues to be a passion and driving factor for me. I love narratives and particularly sci-fi. The most important part of making a film to me is the preproduction stage. This houses the brainstorming, concepting, writing, planning and more. This is where every detail is accounted for and built into shotlists, schedules, animatics and etc. The better your preproduction, the better your film in my opinion. On set, on location and in production, sure the equipment matters but it's all about the lighting and storytelling through sound. People generally are less concerned with image quality and more concerned with the story and sound quality so it's important to get those elements right. It's all a top priority in my mind.